Friday, June 09, 2006

Gorden Ramsey Upsets Cliff Richard.

It seems that Cliff Richard the singer and recently vinyard owner and wine producer, has been upset by the well known tv chef Gorden Ramsey by getting him to knock his own wine in front of the British media.

Cliff was appeariing on Gorden Ramsey's show "The F - Word".
Gorden Ramsey gave Cliff two wines to taste blind, the first Cliff announced was outstanding, to which Ramsey replied of course it is £400.00 a bottle.
The second wine was Vida Nova a bottle from Cliff's own estate in the Algarve. After tasting the wine Cliff's comments included rubbish, tainted, insipid and tastes like vinaigrette.
Ramsay revealed the singer had just rubbished his own wine, to which, UK newspaper the Daily Mail says, Richard replied, 'Young man, go f*** yourself.'

While the lion's share of cases are bought by the singer's massive fan club, the wine has not gone down badly with the critics. Decanter described the first vintage as 'high in alcohol with sweet berry and spicy characters, soft tannins and a long finish.'

To be fair to Cliff many wines would taste inadequate following a glass of wine with a bottle value of £400.00.

"A tough lesson in life that one has to learn is that not everybody wishes you well".
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