Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Comedy Store.

On Friday evening I managed to get 4 tickets to see a night of stand up comedy at the Comedy Store. On stage were five excellent comedians Martin Coyote is compare for the evening Micky Flanagan, Shappi Khorsandi, Sean Collins to name a few.
The queue grows by a set of stairs that leads below TGI Fridays in Piccadilly Circus. It’s the entrance to the Comedy Store and it’s going to be a full house tonight to see the best stand up in London tonight.
Inside, the energy mounts in the dark, cavernous room. People take their seats. A disembodied announcer’s voice tells us the comedy is about to begin and would we please turn our mobiles off. Most people do as they’re told.
A group of Police Officers were on an evening out together and sat in the front row, mistake, the compare soon found out who they were and they were targets for the rest of the evening for every comedian that came on.
The comedy store this evening has delivered exactly what it promises, great laughs, and we had a great evening, I highly recommend it. Please be aware in case you decide to visit, the subject matter can be offensive in the extreme to some ..................... you have been warned.

"Good taste is the enemy of comedy".
Mel Brooks

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