Sunday, April 01, 2007

Can you Make Money from Your Blog?

A question I seem to hear a lot in the media lately. I certainly don't make money out of mine but then that's not why I write it. I came across a piece in the UK Sunday Times some time ago, the story was about a young wife and mother from London whom had been involved in the recent London Bombings and decided to make the move to a remote part of the North of England with her family to escape the rat race of London, whilst her husband had the long commute to and from London to continue to earn a crust, hoping that in the remote north they could could enjoy a better quality of life.
The Blog is very well written and explains with great heart and feeling the problems associated with moving from the convenience of busy London to a remote location, as well as links to the story's she has written to help her get through the trauma of the London bombings.

This young lady is making money from her blog, as well as being featured in many newspapers. A publisher was told to look at the blog, he was impressed with the lady's writing and Judith O'Reilly has just been offered a £70,000 book deal. Judith's wry, poignant descriptions of her life have met sudden success because of her stylish writing and the power of having the right connections in cyberspace. She was also previously a journalist, so I suppose that we should not be that surprised that she writes so well. To finnish, yes you can make money from your blog.

Have a look

"Don't stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed".
George Burns

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