Thursday, July 12, 2007

Holiday is Over.

I have just returned from my favorite wind down haunt of Gozo, and wind down I did, I think I was almost horizontal on my return to the UK.

As usual I have put on weight that I am now going to have to lose, far to much eating and drinking has taken place for my own good. The food to be had in these islands is of a very high standard, I did not have a bad meal in any of the restaurants that I tried, and not expensive either. I think competition is so tough for the restaurants here, so many to choose from and such a small Island I guess that if you are not serving food to the highest standard you will just not be able to compete, great news of course for us foodies.

In one restaurant I got talking to a couple that are in the hospitality industry here in the UK, and they had rented a farmhouse with a pool for much the same reason as Gill and I visit Gozo, to chill and wind down, they told me how impressed they were with the beauty of the Island and friendly nature of it's inhabitants. When I asked them if they would return they suggested that they would not as the one downside of the visit was that the wonderful farmhouse they had rented was surrounded by construction work, with a kango drill going on the opposite side of the road for most of the week and the sounds of drills and angle grinders going for most of the week 3 doors up the road as 2 farmhouses were going through a process of restoration.

This is something that I have got used to during my many visits to Gozo, but if the Islands are to increase the number of tourists revisiting each year this is one area that needs to be looked at. I believe in the Greek Islands construction work during the peak holiday months is forbidden for just this reason. I mention this situation because it is a story that I am hearing more frequently from other tourists to the islands each time I visit.
'I've known what it is to be hungry, but I always went right to a restaurant'.
Ring Lardner

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