Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Malta Media Surprise.

Last week started well, work is good, my plans for the future are going well, I am starting to put together the content for my business website for my future move to Gozo, the weather is sh*t here in the UK which reminds me why I want to move to warmer climes.

The last two days of the week I attended a 2 day seminar offering me advise on all things retirement for when I leave the London Fire Brigade, an excellent 2 days, then Saturday a wine tasting at the Landmark Hotel in London superb location and lots of wonderful wine from all around the world to try.

On Sunday while browsing Malta Media & Wired Temples I spot the headline 'car registration tax to be replaced' I read on, it seems that cars brought into the country from outside Malta have to pay a registration tax, ok so far, this tax can be between 50% and 75% of the vehicles value and get this they will put VAT on the tax, yes, they tax the tax.
This is like paying the taxman the income tax that you owe him and then he charges you VAT on top. Why am I so peeved at this? well on my move to Gozo in April I plan to take my car with me, bought here in the UK therefore the European Union all taxes paid, (so I thought) but when I take it into Malta I am going to be charged an additional well who knows it could be as much as £9000.00.

They say in life only two things are certain, death and taxes. I have no objections at all to paying my fair share of tax it is a massive part of the structure of the society we live in today and is a necessary evil, but when government departments impose a tax or charge it has to be fair and transparent in the way it is applied and this is clearly neither. This is a clear abuse of authority on the part of the government of Malta.

This tax as the headline states will be reviewed eventually, but is not likely to change before I take up residency. The tax is unlawful in the way it has been applied according to the EU, question remains what can I do about it? I am known locally here in rainy Borehamwood for my desire to see fair play and on many occasions I have taken on government officials or departments to ensure that fair play does in fact prevail, often to the amusement of the press and media.

This is a time when I should be thinking about relocating, starting a new life in a country I have grown to love, making plans to start a new business and paying honest tax back into the Maltese tax system.

Lets look at the facts, the European commission have told the government that the tax as it stands is unfair. An almost identical case has been fought through the European courts against the Portuguese government and is now case law, so a precedent has already been set, the individual that brought the case before the courts won his case hands down.
I can not believe that I find myself considering a challenge through the European courts over this ludicrus and unjustifiabel tax. I will continue to monitor Malta Media for updates, and see what the future brings.

I am annoyed!! can you tell?

"Government is too big and too important to be left to the politicians". Chester Bowles

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Grego said...

Perhaps you should take it through the European courts! It takes one patient individual to change the law for the benefit of everyone.