Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What wine to have with Christmas Turkey?

Is a question I am often asked, "turkey is a white meat, therefore I should always serve a white wine" is then given to me following the initial statement.

This statement is correct to a point, since turkey is a much lighter meat than either beef or lamb it figures that you would serve a lighter wine to complement the meal, but there are exceptions, and is the turkey dinner really as light a meal as you first thought? by the time you have added the chestnut stuffing and or cranberry sauce the dinner may not be so light as you may have first thought, and after all we are eating a variety of vegetables with the meal and some of those may not be so light in flavour.

Below is the information to help you decide.
  • If you and your guests prefer dry white wines, Chardonnay is a good choice with turkey. A perfect compliment with white meat, Chardonnay comes in a variety of price ranges to suit your budget. Sauvignon Blanc or a White Burgundy also pairs well with everything from mashed turnips to green salad to a spicy turkey stuffing.

  • If red wines are normally your favorite, Pinot Noir is the perfect red to go with your bird. More robust than white wine, Pinot Noir has very little tannin. Serve it slightly chilled (10 minutes in the fridge) to bring out the fruit, and it will not overpower your well-planned holiday meal.

  • If your guests prefer their wines on the sweet side, White Zinfandel is the all-purpose favorite to go with most of your turkey feast. Gewurztraminer has a spicy character that's also a good match. And a slightly sweet Riesling will pair well at any Christmas lunch.

"A turkey never voted for an early Christmas." Irish Proverb

**Merry Christmas to you all**

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