Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Last Day.

Friday was Gills leaving do with work, and a good evening was had by all those that attended, it was held in the Sterling Bar very close to her office at the now famous image on the London skyline, the building designed by Sir Norman Foster known as The Gherkin.

Yesterday (Monday) was last day at work for both Gill and I, (left us both feeling very surreal) we have said our farewells and made various promises to stay in touch. I still have another works party to attend before I completely break ties with the London Fire Brigade. As word gets out that I am leaving I continue to get offers of work which is a great confidence booster not to mention reassuring.

So plans for this week, well I am here typing this at 06.30 am so I continue to wake at my usual get up for work time of 6.00am, more changes of address, arranging to pay final utility bills, closing bank accounts, downsizing yet again to make sure that we don't export anything that is not absolutely necessary, many trips to the local tip.

Another big step in the right direction for the both of us.

"Make your life a mission - not an intermission". Arnold Glasgow

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