Monday, June 09, 2008

Malta, Pioneers in Digital Radio.

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and is the future of radio broadcasting. It's interference free and features a wide and varied choice of stations. If you live in a poor signal area where the FM signal is barely audible, then DAB should offer you better reception.
DAB radio was taken up with vigour across the bigger countries in Europe from around 1999, a regular radio was not able to pick up a DAB signal so it was necessary for those interested in being a part of this new revolution to invest in one of the new radios to be able to receive the stations in this new format. At this point in time Malta had no facility to receive DAB radio.

Then last year the World DAB organisation announced a new broadcast standard, DAB+, which offers better sound quality than the DAB standard already in use across Europe. This has left many that have already invested in the new technology, concerned that current DAB digital radio will soon become obsolete, this may be true of course as the older DAB radios will not be able to receive the new service although some of the newer radios may be able to be upgraded. Many of the countries with DAB already established are reluctant to promote the new standard as the older DAB has not really been around that long.

Enter Malta, because they did not adopt the older DAB system Malta is in prime position to take on this much improved technology, and Malta will be one of the first countries in Europe to adopt the new standard, before both the UK & Germany.

These new radios are available in Malta anytime soon, prices start at €75.00, trials start I believe from next month (July). So here is your opportunity to lose all that hiss, crackle, squeak and pop that is normally associated with FM and AM radios.

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