Thursday, November 27, 2008

London, Ryanair and honesty.

Our trip to London was a busy one, the reason for the trip was of course to catch up with family and friends, also my services in my new fledgling business as a Fire Safety Consultant were in demand (see, they can't do without me) so part of it was work, and part pleasure. I also had a wine tasting to attend at the Landmark Hotel in London, so the 10 days just flew by. I needed a reminder of how absolutely sh*t the weather is at this time of year in the UK. The grey skies, the snow, the rain, the frost, the cold, in my 10 days in London I saw them all.

As you may be aware from my previous post I have attempted to get a tax refunded that Ryanair had collected for the Maltese government, this tax has since been declared by the EU as illegal so has had to be removed. I had heard that Ryanair have been dragging there heals when it has come to returning said tax to it's customers.
On our arrival at check in at Malta International Airport I asked the Ryanair check in staff if they could inform me of the procedure for reclaiming the tax, I was pointed to the 'Service air' desk, and they promptly found me a contact number to call in Ireland. For those interested that number is 00353 18121676, however do not call this number as a recorded message comes back saying that "this number is no longer in use".
I have in my possession the email addresses of 5 of Ryanair's middle and top managers, I have sent them all a very polite email explaining the situation, all the emails were delivered and read, and all have been ignored.
I contacted the Department of Civil Aviation (phone number 2369 6156)and they have advised me to write to Ryanair requesting that my moneys be returned and copy in the Department of Civil Aviation so this I have done.
If anybody requires further detail, (I know many people are in the same position) don't hesitate to contact me via this blog, I am no expert but still very determined.

"Honesty is the best policy - when there is money in it". Mark Twain.

I dislike this quote“The European consumer would crawl naked over broken glass to get low fares.” Michael O'Leary Ryanair CEO.

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