Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Opportunity for Trades People in Gozo.

A great opportunity for a trades person in Gozo, I am talking about builders, plumbers, electrician, carpenters etc. I have come here from the UK because I like the people and the slow way of life, and there is no way that I would want to upset the natural balance of things here, the Gozitan's do things their way and that should not change.

Now here is the opportunity, the trades person from any of these trades would obviously need to be competent to carry out the task, as indeed most of them are, to this they would need to add the following -
  1. Turn up to carry out the requested job when they say they will.
  2. If they can't turn up, call the client, explain and arrange another appointment.
  3. Do not disappear half way through the task and arrive again the following day with no explanation to the client.
  4. When the task is complete clear up all the debris that the job has created and take it with you.
  5. Take any empty boxes and packaging with you.
I have been here for one year now and used many trades people from all of the trades and I have only managed to find one, that can meet all of these requirements, and as you would expect he is a very very busy person, even though he is not the cheapest around. The products he sells are not the cheapest but are very good quality, his rate for the job is not the cheapest (nor the most expensive), he pays attention to detail and he complies to the list above. The result is he has a thriving business and earns a very good living.

If any trades people can match these requirements please let me know and you will be showered with praise and maybe even work.

"Gain a modest reputation for being unreliable and you will never be asked to do a thing". Paul Theroux

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