Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gozo's New Premier Restuarant.

At the end of last year a great restaurant here in Gozo closed it's doors for the last time, It-Tmun Xlendi was to be no more. A restaurant that Gill and I had frequented on many occasions over the years, and one of our favorites. This small restaurant in Xlendi Bay run by the Buttigieg family, with great food, wonderful atmosphere, and service combined, for an experience found rarely in one's lifetime. We were sad.

And then a few months later the rumours started circulating, (the rumour mill here in Gozo is just incredible.) that It-Tmun Xlendi was to be reborn in a new location and was to be called Tmun Mgarr. Last night (Wednesday) 8 months later we attended the opening party night with Friday to be the first night trading as a restaurant.

First let me set the scene, Tmun Mgarr is located in the main harbour area, a large building set back from the road facing the moored boats, we parked the car, the air was fresh with the scent of the sea, the sun was setting in a cloudless sky and the heat of the day was dissipating, it was humid with just a slight breeze. The event started at 8.00pm, the time was now 8.30pm and we thought, we will be first to arrive. We were wrong, as we turned the corner to see the new restored restaurant in front of us in all it's glory, with a terrace out front there must have been 50 people their all ready, a further hour would see numbers reach, well I would guess 150, and we thought it was our little secret.

As we arrived Leli offered us his usual warm welcome and we were offered a glass of Prosecco, we could also have had a glass of red or white wine if we had preferred. I took my glass of Prosecco and went inside to check out the design and decor, I was confronted with a state of the art modern kitchen in full view of the main restaurant, this would enable diners to see the food being prepared. The ceilings have a 3d abstract image of the night sky complete with twinkling stars, on the right as you walk through the door a gentle flow of water falls from the top of the wall, down a pebble feature to be collected at the foot and again recycled. And then the state of the art, temperature controlled wine cellar offering a full view of the wine inventory for the customer to peruse at there leisure.

The spread of finger food available was the same standard we have come to expect from this well run establishment. The evening from where I was standing appeared to be a great success and if the turn out this evening was anything to go by Tmun Mgarr is sure to be a success. The first day of business is this Friday. I look forward to trying the new menu and studying the new wine list in the very near future.

I'm quite a chauvinistic person. Gordon Ramsey.

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Geotacs said...

Tmun Mgarr sounds like a wonderful place for a meal with wine!

thanks for sharing!