Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Into 2012

Into 2012 - Part1

My first post since June, I have clearly been slacking lately, so I thought a review of 2011 along with comparisons with the UK. (I know Malta is not the UK but you need a reference point for the benefit of my UK readers) Celebrate the differences.

The positives first.
  • I continue to meet new friends of all nationalities through work and social occasions more Brits and Maltese of course but also Canadian, French, Italian, Bulgarian, USA, Australian, Chinese. They say travel broadens the mind and this is true here on the Maltese islands. I seem to meet more new people here than I ever did in the UK.
  • I continue to enjoy the sunny climate, this was confirmed by our recent 10 day trip back to the UK for a great Christmas with the family and the fact that I sat outside in the sunshine for my morning coffee in Victoria on our return to Gozo..... in January! ooh that British weather, I don't miss it a bit.
  • My business is ticking over nicely for which I am grateful in this current depressing climate that is hitting Europe and the rest of the world at the moment. Not sure the situation would be any different in the UK. 
  • Toastmasters Malta is as popular as ever and membership continues to grow as the word spreads, we now meet in the 5* Hilton Hotel in Malta on the second Tuesday of each month. I am still astounded that I was able to start Toastmasters here in Malta, I would not have attempted it in the UK simply because clubs already exist.
  • The slow pace of life here in Gozo is as attractive as ever. Even when we return to London for a short period of time you still feel the (London) stress, every one seems to be cramming more and more into there life as if somehow more is better.
  • I have not heard of any murders, assaults, robberies, stabbings or muggings here in Gozo at all in 2011, a few in Malta. When I switch on Sky News I hear a selection of the above on almost a daily basis in relation to the UK.
"Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why". Eddie Cantor.


Anonymous said...

:) I live in Malta at the moment - have done for about 3 years. It's strange to hear about life in Gozo actually - Malta itself is only a tiny place, but Gozo just seems a bit of a bridge too far ... although everything everyone says is resoundingly positive about the place. Someone told me recently that it has the second highest per-capita proportion of milllionaires in the world, but that it doesn't appear on the big lists because the researchers simply don't know about it :) It could be true - everything about Gozo seems a little secretive. I don't miss the weather either - I've noticed that every year the weather here 'seems to be getting colder', which is either a sign of global cooling or just means I'm getting too used to the weather in Malta. Anyway, good luck with the club and hope all's well :)

whitstable tom said...

I just wrote a huge comment but it deleted it I think :) I live in Malta and always find it interesting to hear about someone who made an even more drastic move from the UK than I did. Maybe it's because I don't know Gozo very well, but it just seems even more remote than Malta so it's a little bit frightening to imagine living there ... Mind you, many people say Gozo's remoteness is a big part of its charm and success, as like you said, crime is very very low, the standard of living is relatively very high, and when you place all of that under the lovely Mediterranean sunshine, it's a bit of a winner. Anyway, nice blog and hope the club's still going well :)