Monday, July 17, 2006

Roger Waters & Pink Floyd.

I am a massive Pink Floyd fan and if they have played in the London area in the last 20 years, I
have been there. I have been following Pink Floyd since I was 14 years old, so when it was announced that Roger Waters was to play Hyde Park I thought ...... great, checked out the dates, 1st July, tickets £50.00.
Turns out that on the 1st July I have a holiday booked I am off to Malta & Gozo last week in June for 2 weeks, oh well you can't win em all.

Then it is announced that Roger Waters is playing Malta in July, so I quickly checked the dates, 10th July..........what day do I leave Gozo! 9th July, a perfect example of sod's law, oh well next time around perhaps.

A friend of mine on Gozo, (Sabine) did manage to get to the Malta concert, and in her words............."WOW."

You can read her report on the Malta Gig here

"Of all noises, I think music is the least disagreeable".
Samuel Johnson

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