Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kitchen Confidential.

This is a great TV comedy series that I have just got into, it is written by the same team that put together "Sex and the City" so if you like the writing style of that then you should enjoy this as well.
"Kitchen Confidential," is based on Anthony Bourdain's memoirs about food, drugs and working in the kitchens of top restaurants. It is a single camera comedy.

Jack Bourdain played by Bradley Cooper had his life all messed up and running wild. Four Years later, he only has a great girlfriend and a crappy job as an aide in Pizza Chain Kitchen. Until Pino Lugeria contacts him to become the Chef of his famous Restaurant. An offer, his girlfriend tells him he cannot refuse.

He is back on the field with his old friends, Seth Klein (Nicholas Brandon) the pastry chef, Teddy Wong (John Cho), the Japanese Chef and Steven (Owain Yeoman) who is his second and everyone will be witnessing if he is capable of steering clear of his old ways.

This has been around for a while, but I have only just discovered it. A comedy with a difference.

Top 20 Beach Holiday's.

The UK Sunday Times travel section does like it's lists of the top this or the best that. Here from last week's UK Sunday Times at number 14 of the top destinations for the perfect stretch of sand is Ramla Bay on the Maltese Island of Gozo...........

"If you are ever on the island of Gozo and stuck for something to do, you might be tempted to hike up to Calypso’s Cave, near the town of Xaghra. According to local tradition this was Ogygia, where the nymph in Homer’s Odyssey holed up. True or not, the most memorable part of the trip is not the cave itself, but the view down from the top. Several hundred feet below lies Ramla Bay, where the sea is a deep iridescent blue and the sand a distinctive fiery orange. Behind the beach are swathes of dunes and mature tamarisk trees. Truth be told, you might even wish you’d skipped the cave altogether and gone directly to the beach".

Ramla Bay Picture Courtesy of Sabine Cassar Alpert

"I know for sure that what we dwell on is who we become".
Oprah Winfrey

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