Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Presentation on Gozo.

Part of my job involves me giving presentations to groups of people, and my employers are always trying to find new ways to test our presenting skills.
A challenge that I have just been given for Tuesday of next week is to give a presentation to a TV audience on anything that I feel passionate about, that has nothing to do with my job. I have chosen Gozo, now it does not sound to hard, does it?
I have 240 seconds or 4 minutes, no longer.
Now the question is how do I sell Gozo to an audience in 4 minutes, what do I put in and what do I leave out, where do I start?

For those of you that know Gozo, I am open to any ideas that you might like to share with me.

"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple".
Dr Suess.


Sabine said...

oh dear... Gozo in 4 minutes?? I think I'd show the contrasts one can find in Gozo, like

->> blazing sun & yellow sand stone / bright blue sky & green fields

->> young crazy people in disco / old women working lace (or fishermen mending nets)

->> old architecture / modern buildings

->> lazy sunbathing / rock-climbing or abseiling

Well, I guess you get the idea: showing that although it's a truly tiny island it has a lot to offer! ;-) PS: do you need any photos?

Steve said...

Thanks Sabine, you have given me some material to be working with.
Thanks for the offer of photos but the presentation will be just me, a camera and 4 short minutes.

I will let you know how it goes.

Sabine said...

Soooo... how did it go? :-)

Steve said...

The presentation went well, after a shakey start I got into the flow of things and it was OK, not brilliant but OK.

It is amazing the difference a camera makes, give me a room full of people to talk to any day.