Saturday, April 12, 2008

Road Trip Gozo.

Day 6. Cannobio, Italy - Verrona, Italy.

1200 miles in total covered and I reckon we are about half way into our trip, better slow down this journey should take three weeks according to our plan.

We hit the autostrada again and continue our journey to the Adriatic coast of Italy, skirting around the north of Milan reminded me of London's M25 motorway not only is it very busy but add to that the Italian driving style and it is easy to see why Italy has the highest road death rate in western Europe. Think of a cue of cars traveling at close to 90 mph, maybe 20 cars and no more than 3 meters between each car then throw into that mix additional vehicles travelling in excess of 100mph......madness.

On our arrival just outside Verona we find ourselves in the heart of Veneto and wine making territory. Yet again we could not find our B&B of choice so opted for vineyard accommodation and of course to be polite it was necessary to try some of the local Amarone and Vallpolicella wine that is made on this very vineyard. We are around 10 minuets drive from the shores of Lake Garda.

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