Sunday, April 13, 2008

Road Trip, London - Gozo.

Fano, Italy - Vasto, Italy.

Nice thing about travelling on a Sunday morning we did not see a single heavy truck and the roads are not so busy. We have made good progress today and the sun was shining.
We arrived in Vasto around noon and had the usual problem of trying to locate our b&b that we had chosen, took us about an hour but we found it in the end. Vasto is a busy seaside town extremely busy in the summer season looking at the photographs of the beach.

Our b&b is an old Italian villa about 200 yards from the beach called Villa Monteferrante is owned by a Canadian expat and his wife, he teaches English to the Italians, is a Moto Guzzi fan, and writes music for a blues band, what a life.

We have now traveled some 1600 miles since London and will be heading into the heal of Italy tomorrow the area known as Puglia or Apulia, we will head to the area between Bari & Brindisi on the map. Vasto our current location is on the opposite coast to Rome.


Anonymous said...

We are getting seriously worried, we told you that the 4 x 4 was too small. Obviously as you have an HGV licence care of LFB, a 40 foot pantechnicon would have been more appropriate to carry all the wine your first Gozo guests have been led to expect.PS glad Gill's feeling better. Roll on the 16th May.

Steve Holmes said...

Thanks for your kind comments Chris,
We have just arrived in Sicily and they had to lay on an extra ferry to accomodate all the extra wine.
See you in May.

Beachhutman in Beijing said...

I loved the southern coast of Sicily, and the instep of Italy when I used to "commute" annually Oxford to Malta. Hope you love Gozo - I did, but I think now I would find it claustrophobic, so have decided to "retire" (if I ever do) to Spain.