Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Learning to Sail.....Soon.
On my retirement Gill and I thought that it would be good to find a pass time that we could do together, not something that she does already and not something that I do already, something we could learn from scratch together, without one or the other having any advantage in knowledge.

So is there anyone out there on the Islands of Malta and Gozo that are willing to offer my wife and I a taste of what sailing is all about, nothing big, just a small dinghy perhaps.
You would think here on these small islands surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean that it would be easy, not so in my experience, I mean there must be people that come here to learn to sail but certainly here on the tiny island of Gozo I can find no one willing to teach us.

I have found the 'Gozo Sailing Club' on the Internet and have left a message on the bulletin board, so far no one has responded . I notice on the website of the Gozo Sailing Club that some racing will be taking place this Sunday at Hondoq, maybe I will go along and introduce myself. I am really surprised that nobody is doing this on a commercial basis, a business opportunity for a budding entrepreneur perhaps.

"As I career towards old age, there are many things which frighten me. All the hair on my head will start to grow out of my nose. My ear lobes will swell up. My bladder will cease to function. I will become even more baffled by new technology". Jeremy Clarkson.

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