Monday, September 29, 2008

The Return of Sauvignon Gris.

What the hell is Sauvignon Gris I here you ask, it is a grape variety from the dim and distant past of the wine world that until recently was mainly used for blending, as a lesser grape you would not normally find it mentioned on the label. It fell out of fashion because it would not (Yield) produce as many grapes per vine as it's close relation Sauvignon blanc and so was not as profitable to grow. With the world now flooded with wine so to speak and production out stripping demand, wine producers are always looking for an edge, something different to put on the label.

Enter Sauvignon Gris, I have seen France & Chile start to promote this wine recently and be shown as a variety in it's own right. It is a white wine (although the grapes appear pink) for all you sauvignon blanc fans out there, it does not have the green grass fresh and gooseberries aroma of sauvignon blanc and is less sharp on the palate but is fuller bodied with a hint of lime. Expect to pay £5.00 to £9.00 for a bottle depending on the winery involved. So if you are fed up with the usual and are looking for somthing a little different give one a try. I have not found it here in Sunny Gozo, but I know in the UK it can be found in Marks & Spencer and Waitrose.

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