Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ryanair, Collector of Taxes.

We return to London for the first time since we moved here to Gozo in the spring, the airline I have booked with for the first time is Ryanair, we normally fly Air Malta, but it would be unfair of me not to give Ryanair a go.

When we booked the flights a couple of months ago, a tax was applied (€23.00 per person) to the fare. This tax has now been removed since (1 November) here in Malta and from the stories I am hearing both by word of mouth and via the press, that Ryanair are not playing with a straight bat, by failing to return this tax when requested to do so. In another case I have heard that they are charging an administration fee of .......... you guessed it, €23.00 per person. If this last one is true, that Ryanair are charging customers for the collection and administration of taxes, I may have to question the legality of this move. I wonder if Ryanair would also charge it's staff for collecting income tax on behalf of the revenue?

I here that MEP Simon Busuttil is asking questions both of Ryanair and the Civil Aviation Authority about this matter.
I am going to reserve judgement at this stage, but you can rest assured, I will be asking Ryanair for a refund of €46.00 for the two of us, on my arrival at Malta airport today (Friday). I am not feeling optimistic. Watch this space for the next part of the saga.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I am flying from London to Malta next week...If you figure out how to get the tax back, do inform me please! That would be great! So do update your blog with the info pls;)