Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Cats or Kittens.

A very dear Maltese friend of ours (actually that should be Gozitan, she would be outraged that I have labeled her Maltese) well her Persian cat has just had kittens. You know where this story is going don't you. We went to her house recently to see the kittens, of course we already have a 7 month old Persian called Chilly, so we don't need two cats again do we?

To cut a very long story short and after much discussion we were given the first pick of the kittens and..... Meet Misty, she is just 7 weeks old, and will stand in the palm of my hand at the moment, she must think that I am filthy as she seems to think I need grooming all the time.
We thought that Chilly still being very young would not mind too much us bringing a kitten into the house, well how wrong was I he was not amused at all and when he is not hissing at her he is seriously grumpy. Twenty four hours later he is a little less hostile, I think he is slowly coming around.

Cats regard people as warm blooded furniture. Jacquelyn Mitchard.

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Anonymous said...

She is just lovely! As a cat lover who also loves Gozo your blog was really interesting, We are putting out cat and dog in kennels (in Scotland) tomorrow and heading to Gozo on holiday, which I am so looking forward to!