Sunday, August 02, 2009

Bambinelli Are In Season.

We get to try all sorts of wonderful delights here in Gozo, they do like there food here on the Maltese Islands which is a godsend to Gill and I.
So we went shopping for meat and veg on Saturday morning as we normally do, I go and pick up the meat while Gill is next door getting the veg, team work you know.

She often comments on the strange fruit and veg that are available in the shops at various times of the year, stuff that we have never come across before, even in cosmopolitan London. What are these strange looking things asks Gill and before the shop owner can comment a customer standing behind her starts a long and detailed dialog about the short time that Bambinelli are available and what a wonderful delicacy they are and how the locals all look forward to them every year. We had better try some then.

So what are or is Bambinelli, they are very small pears about the size of a walnut, when you bite into them you kind of expect them to be as hard as bullets but no, a crunch, and then sweetness not too sweet just nice, the flavour lingers, very satisfying.
So that is Bambinelli.

Food is an important part of a balanced diet. Fran Lebowitz.

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