Monday, September 14, 2009

Delicata Classic Wine festival 09

I attended the wine festival in Nadur Gozo on Sunday for the first time. I purchased my glass for €10.00 picked up the festival program that told you where to find the 24 wines that Delicata were showing. Also a string of side shows were to be found, music from a variety of local artists and a wide and varied selection of food from Chinese to local rabbit.
It is not a serious wine tasting more a festival with the main theme being wine although you are at liberty to enjoy a serious wine tasting session if you should wish to.

The best wine for me was the Gran Cavalier Syrah, almost inky black in colour, with soft red fruits on the nose, medium to long spicy, vanilla finish.

I still think that an enjoyable drink from Delicata and personal summer favorite of mine, is the Rose Frizzante Gellewza (pronounced jellowza) a Maltese variety of grape. A vivid pink colour with a pleasant stream of bubbles, strawberries without being completely dry this wine is light, simple and well made and does not pretend to be anything different. A great BBQ wine for the hot summer evenings.

So what would I do if I was running this event? I would add a formal tasting (for an additional fee of course) comparing the different vintages of some of Delicata's high end wines for the wine geeks like myself.

Looking forward to the 2010 wine festival.

Strive for excellence, not perfection. H. Jackson Brown

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