Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Get a Smoke Alarm .........forget the excuses!!!

In my day to day job as a London Fire-fighter I see quite a lot of unnecessary heart ache and misery.
Here in the UK we have houses that are full of timber, carpet, soft furnishing and electrical equipment, all combustible.
Adverts exist on radio, TV, in newspapers and magazines telling you that fitting a smoke alarm could save your life........
Now this is not a ploy to sell smoke alarms, the fire service does not make money from promoting these important pieces of equipment, it is to save lives and prevent serious injury.

I am fed up with hearing .....
  • I took the battery out because it kept going off.
  • I did not think I needed one.
  • I took it down when we decorated and forgot to put it back.
  • I forgot to replace the battery.
  • I can't afford one.
In London you can get a FREE home fire safety check which includes the installation of a FREE smoke alarm.
You will get firefighters from your local fire station visit your house, they will walk with you and do a full fire safety check of your house for you, offering advise where needed, talk to you about correctly positioning your smoke alarm, if you do not have one installed they will do that for no cost.

Remember this is advise, if you chose not to follow it (foolish) then that is up to you.

What's in it for the firefighters?... well we will see fewer fire deaths, fewer serious injury's, less misery.

I am not going to talk about specific cases here but, there are many people out there that just seem to be under the impression that fire only happen to other people and not them?


If I can help further just ask, follow the link, or if something needs clarification just ask me here through this blog..........
I will get off my soap box now.

Actions have consequences...first rule of life.
And the second rule is this - you are the only one responsible for your own actions.
Holly Lisle

STAY SAFE.........................................................

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