Friday, May 19, 2006

Rich Impressions of Gozo & Comino.

I always like to read written articles about the Maltese Islands, fond of the place as I am.
I first came across Gozo in 1986, after reading an advert in a diving magazine, Gill and I decided it would be a great place for a quiet get away from it all kind of break.

In 1987 we visited for the first time staying in the Cornucopia Hotel, (a lot smaller then than it is now) well I have to say that we really enjoyed it and have been returning on a regular basis since then, over the years I think we have stayed at most of the hotels on the island and lately in a variety of farmhouses, last year we made no less than 4 trips to the islands.

Now I do not want to paint Gozo as some kind of utopia here as it does have many short-comings, its just that it is such a contrast to the UK and I suppose that you always seek what you have not got in life.
I have discovered that generally people that have been brought up in quiet country side type surroundings tend to seek out the hustle bustle and bright lights of the city, those that reside or work in the city look for the opposite.

So what do I like about the place?...... well living and working in and around London I suppose that the above applies, then there are the usual cliches, the climate, the people, low crime, neighbours that will actually acknowledge that you even exist, the way of life, the laid back don't give a Sh*t attitude, it is all some how........ refreshing.

Anyway back to the main point, this particular piece by Daniel Scott of The Guardian newspaper I found was very well written and well focused, with a few warts thrown in for good measure.

I do like a balanced view.

Two paragraphs below, for the full article click on the link............

"After an active week exploring Gozo and Comino, I am left with a host of rich impressions. I can picture two small but stocky sun-blushed Maltese islands with sheer cream cliffs and intricately sculpted shores. I remember Gozo's ubiquitous big-domed churches - 50 among a population of just under 30,000 - and my first sight of the world's oldest surviving man-made structure - the Ggantija temples, dating to 3,600BC - standing on a high ridge on the island.

I also recall cycling along hillsides full of olive groves, citrus trees and caper bushes on Gozo and bursts of fragrant wild thyme as we hike among Comino's stony slopes, on a cloudless day. Finally, I remember being mesmerised by the rhythmic pouring of oil onto my forehead during an Ayurvedic massage treatment at the Hotel Kempinski on Gozo".

"Paradise is exactly like where you are right now... only much, much better".
Laurie Anderson


Sabine said...

Isn't the world a tiny place! I worked in the reception of the Cornucopia between October '87 and the end of 1990! During the summer of '87 I was a rep for several English tour operators, also working for Victor Borg. It's quite likely we actually met!!??

Steve said...

Hi Sabine,
We stayed at the Cornucopia in 87, 88, 89 and 90, we have not been back there because the hotel almost doubled in size and no longer offered what we wanted.
The tour operator we used at the time, (Gozo holidays), I believe that Victor was a partner in that business as well.
I don't even know if Gozo Holidays are still in business.

Sabine said...

So we musthave met, then! Strange, isn't it?
Yes, Gozo Holidays still exists, and Victor still is one of its directors, as far as I know.

Steve said...

Yes we must have met, although I must admit my memory is not that good.

It certainly is a small world.