Saturday, November 04, 2006

Wine & Spirits Education Trust Advanced Exam.

I have taken my final exam and I am a little bit uneasy about one of the papers, let me explain, in the advanced exam the first paper takes 15 minutes, in that time you have to describe the visual aspects of the wine, what features the wine imparts on the nose, and then what you can taste in the wine. On the reverse of the paper are a list of possible brands of wine from which you have to choose the correct wine and offer it's value. This paper I feel that I should have passed.

Paper 2 consists of 50 multiple choice questions, once again I feel that I have done quite well here.

Paper 3 is where I am slightly concerned,
this exam relies on you knowing 4 areas of the wine & spirits trade in detail. It consists of four questions normally answered in essay style. As I sat down to the exam I thought to myself what are the areas I am least prepared for............Spirits and Fortified wines.........reason, I had only covered those subjects on the morning before the exam, now you might think that it should all be fresh in my mind, but that is not how my mind works. When the tutor gives you the input it comes at quite a fast pace, on previous days I have collected the classroom input then at home reinforce what I have learnt.
On the final day I did not have that privilege, it is the same for everyone else I know.

I am not making excuses here (maybe I am) but out of the four essay style questions one was on Sherry's and one was on spirits. To pass paper three I am going to have had to have scored highly on the other two wine questions.

Eight weeks for the results, I will keep you informed.........................

"I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it".
Pablo Picaso

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