Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bordeaux chateau declassifies itself (what next ebay!).

I came across this article on the Decanter Magazine website,
about Canon de Brem, and it's descision to declasify itself from the restrictions of this system. This is arguably one of the finest wines from the Fronsac region of France. A simple road separates the vineyard from the “Castle Canon de Brem” from that of the “Castle from Dauphine”. The two properties were joined together in the middle of last century by the former owner, Mr. Fran├žois-Governed of Brem. The soil, primarily agrilo-limestone gives to this wine its typical mineral character.

On the website are replies from readers suggesting that this decision has been brought about by supermarket pressures or that it has somehow cheapened itself, absolute rubbish.

This is clearly a decision made with the head and not with the heart, I do not imagine for a moment that it has been made without considerable thought.

Whilst Canon de Brem will be removed from the age old classification system we have all become used to, it does not mean that the wine will become supermarket designer plonk, it remains the same highly regarded well made wine that it always was. The winemaker remains the same, the terroir remains the same, these are the two most important factors to be considered.

More power to them for bucking the tired old inflexible classification system.

Full article here

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