Saturday, October 06, 2007

Back to Reality.

Gill & I returned last week from a 2 week break on our favorite wind down destination, Gozo.

A pile of work was waiting for me on my return to the real world, as well as invitations to tuition & courses that others think may be of benefit to me, that holiday seems like ages ago already.

Their was a noticeable difference in the weather here in the UK on our return, compared to Gozo, in London we were greeted with wind, rain, and grey skies, a complete contrast to Gozo.

Whilst on Gozo I had done some research into business opportunities ready for our move to Gozo in April next year, one that I had in mind already and also a further opportunity has arisen that I was not expecting, but more about both of these a bit later.

We are still waiting to exchange contracts and complete the sale of our house here in the UK, things should have happened this week but failed to materialise, fingers crossed for next week.
I have just read through what I have written above and God it's dull stuff, but the best I can do for the moment.

"Life is as tedious as a twice-told tale Vexing the dull ear of a drowsy man". William Shakespeare.

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