Friday, April 04, 2008

Road Trip Gozo
Day 1 London UK - Reims France.

We left sunny Borehamwood at 10.00am this morning and it was sunny as well, a beautiful spring day. We headed off around the dreaded M25 which was remarkably clear and set our sites on Folkestone for the Euro tunnel train to Calais. The eurotunnel is quite an experience quick and simple, at the halfway point you get an announcement telling you where you are and that you are traveling at 140kph. The crossing takes around 25 mins time enough for a quick drink and a sandwich and then it's time to go.From Calais we took the A26 Motorway and I have to say that although this is a toll road it is very fast and quite light on traffic a sobering experience after any British road experience, the traffic was so light I can only describe it as like traveling on the M4 at 4.00am.

We have covered a measly 200 miles of our 2000 mile journey and have found a wonderful B&B in a place called Catillon du Temple in a small farm village just north of Reims right on the edge of champagne country and I have had the opportunity to try and recall my schoolboy french with limited success fortunately for us madame speaks a few words of English so between us we should get by.
The B&B is a small farm cottage on the top of a hill overlooking the country side called La Commanderie, the house was built in 1970 on the site of an old Roman Castillion built for the Nights Templar around the 12th century on the top of a hill with wonderful views of the surrounding countryside.
A very simple style accommodation with simple country fare for dinner washed down with a rustic local country red wine of unknown orig en other than it was of course French.

Tommorrow we are off to the Cote de Bourgogne.

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Chris.T said...

Hi Gill & Steve, Saturday morning waiting for the forecast snow. Heading south was a good idea before, it's a brilliant one now!
Enjoy Bourgonne, stay sober(ish), be happy & safe journey. See you in May.