Saturday, April 05, 2008

Road Trip Gozo

Day 2 & 3 Reims France - Vermenton Burgundy.

Another wonderful spring day started with a breakfast of cereal toast and some strong coffee. We decided that we should head for
Burgundy and around Chablis and try some of the local produce.The journey this time was mainly on the main and country roads avoiding the motorways to give us the opportunity to view some of
the countryside. On arrival in Burgundy you can have no doubt that you are in wine country as you are suddenly confronted on all
sides with grape vines.The roads continue to impress, I think we drove at one point for 20 minutes without seeing another vehicle, wonderful.

We are again looking for some interesting lodgings and found in Vermenton close to Auxerre a handsome old mill house called Le
Moulinot, this hostelry is owned and run by Leigh and Cinda a very hospitable couple hospitable to the point that we shared the best part of a bottle of Leigh's malt whiskey this evening.We dinned at a local restaurant called Hostelry de la Fontaine, a
wine cave that had been converted into a restaurant a couple of local speciality's that I tried, entree snails in a curry sauce and for main course pike in a cream sauce washed down with a bottle of Irancy 1999 a very well made local wine, pinot noir of course.

Day 3

We will be staying an additional night here in Vermenton to give us the chance to check out the area and following another hearty
breakfast we will be going wine tasting in one of the caves called St. Bris tried some wonderful Irancy and had to buy a case of
this wine, we are only three days into the trip and we have a case of wine already, by the time we reach Gozo the car is going to
sound like a milk float driving on cobblestones. Lunch followed the wine tasting and then a drive around some of the vinyards of Burgundy.We are now 440 miles into our journey, tom morrow we will be heading for the Alpine region of the Rhone Valley, this will take us
close to the Mont Blanc Tunnel where we will spend one more night before crossing into Italy.

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