Sunday, April 13, 2008

Road Trip Gozo.

Day 8 Verona, Italy - Rocca di Roffino, Italy.

WE are now moving into the hills just outside Bologna, Emilia Romagno this is the area where much of Italy's famous food comes from like the best salami, the best hams and of course Parmesan cheese. This is the home of the famous Lambrusco wine but there are also many other reasonable red wines sangiovese based, unfortunately you do not get to see outside of this region, so it was good to be able to try a few.

As we drove down the hill into Rocca out of the sunshine, we could see what appeared to be smoke or fog ahead, we had actually climbed that high into the hills that we where now actually driving down through the clouds into Rocca. We found fairly easily our next agroturismo stop called La Fenice our room was a suite on 2 levels with a small balcony, and a wood burning stove for the cold winters they get here in the hills, very old, full of character but fairly basic.

Gill's food poisoning situation was now much improved. The food that was served for us here at the table was almost exclusive all produced on the farm including all the meats smoked or not and the bread is also made on the farm. The farm has been with the same family for 5 generations, a beautiful spot.

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