Sunday, April 13, 2008

Road Trip London - Gozo.

Day 9 - 10. Rocca di Roffino, Italy - Fano, Italy.

We are heading for a castle today in the Marche region of Italy, this castle has been turned into a luxury hotel, well we thought we would live it up for a couple of days. The castle is called Castello Monte Giove a simply wonderful place with polite staff good food and wine. We have spent a couple of days here chilled, had a look around the town of Fano. Mentioned to the receptionist the at we were having trouble locating a UK mains adapter and she said 'give me a couple of hours' and sure enough within a couple of hours we had our mains adapter so we are now fully equip ed with charged phones and as you can tell a charged laptop. The cost of this wonderful service €3.00, mind you the hotel ain't cheap in the first place. Highly recommended if you are passing.

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