Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Road Trip London - Gozo

Day 12 - 13 Vasto, Italy - Speziale, Puglia, Italy.

The trip from Vasto to Speziale nr. Fasano here in Puglia was uneventful. The roads are noticeably quieter the countryside appears more summer like, to put it another way the countryside looks more like you would expect to find in the UK in the month of June perhaps. The buildings have changed in appearance from pitched roofed to flat roofed and are far more like those you would find on the Maltese islands.

The bug count on the car has gone up considerably, on our last fuel stop I cleaned the windscreen on the car 100 miles later it needs another clean, I must give the number plate a clean you can't really read the number any more.

We have found an agrotourismo farm called Masseria Narducci, the main produce to be found here is what Gill would describe as some of the finest olive oil she has ever tasted in fact anything you can do with an olive or with olive oil they will do here.We were met at the door on our arrival by the lady of the house whom described my attempt at asking for a double room for two as "your Italiano zero" with a smile on her face, so I asked again in English and she then understood my request welcomed us both sat us down at a table in the sunshine and brought us a tray which contained a bowl of fresh olives, home made bread, biscuits, and a jug of red wine taken straight from the barrel, which Gill and I gladly consumed, we then slept for the rest of the afternoon.
Dinner was served at 7.30pm which consisted of typical local produce, chick pea soup (I am sure that is not what they call it here but that is my description) a rustic stuffed roast pork dish with vedg followed by a plate of fresh strawberry's and an espresso coffee, oh nearly forgot that jug of red wine again.
Our second day here was spent exploring the area, tasting some more wine trying some local pasta dishes and viewing the coast via the very quite coast road.

Wi Fi connections are very difficult to find here in rural Italy, as you may have guessed.

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gail.metcalfe said...

So glad you are ok we have been following you on the map but then all went quiet. Love the sound of this place, very civilised. Nearing journey's end now, looking forward to hearing all about it.

Gail and Bill