Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Road Trip London - Gozo

Day 14 Speziale, Italy - Curinga, Italy.

A long stint today after 6 hours driving we have now covered 2100 miles.Our first stop was to be a place in the Parco Nazional Della Silla a large national park. We left the main road and headed into the trees, and using some very challenging roads, perhaps more suited to a Ferrari or Porche than a Toyota 4x4.

As we climbed I noticed the temperature start to drop it was 21c when we left the main road as we climbed further the temperature dropped to 10c then we noticed the snow on the hilltops, then the temperature was 6c and we were driving through snow, the roads in the main were clear so it was not a problem.

We are now in Calabria which other than Sicily is the southern most point of Italy, the toe of the boot, I did not realise that they had snow this far down south even in the winter and here we are in a full blown Ski resort. Needless to say we drove on, after all we were dressed for summer not the bloody snow.

Thirty mins later we were back in the sunshine and 21c of warmth again.We have found a restored olive oil mill offering rooms right up in the hills overlooking the sea, a place called Antico Frantoio Oleario Bardari it was in one of our wine books and is famed for it's restaurant and wine list so we had to give it a go.

I can not believe that we managed to find it, but a couple of stops to ask some villigers the way in my best Italian pointed us in the right direction. Lovely though this place is we have decided to push on tom morrow to make Sicily. Hope full our next stop will be able to offer me an Internet connection.

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