Thursday, February 19, 2009

Malta & Gozo, Cheap Electricity, One Answer.

A sure fire way to reduce the reliance on oil, for power generation is to pay the community to generate the power for Malta & Gozo. This system is already in place in Germany and many other countries around the world, and it works. The system is called FIT (feed in tariff).

There are three parts to FIT,
  1. Any individual household has the right to generate electricity and feed it back into the main grid.
  2. Enemalta would be required to accept the power, and pay a premium for it say three or four times the current price per unit as generated by oil power, the price paid would be guaranteed for twenty years.
  3. There would be no limit to the amount of electricity you can generate. Now this is proper incentive for everyone to cover their abode with solar panels and other green power generating equipment.
You could expect the take up of such a scheme to be swift and as the years go by more and more of the the local population will feed power into the main grid and the need to import oil to produce power would gradually disappear. Once in place it does not cost the government a cent. This idea started in Germany and is now spreading around the world. In Germany this idea produced 250,000 new jobs. All we need is the political will, it has been proven that this system works, why would you not explore the possibility?

The energy crisis has not yet overwhelmed us but it will if we don't act quickly. President Jimmy Carter.

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