Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rabbits of Malta and Gozo.

One of the delights of both Malta and Gozo for the foodies that are Gill and myself is the abundance of rabbit that is available here for the pot. The national dish is rabbit (or fenek) served in garlic, onions, wine and herbs, you will also find spaghetti rabbit and many other dishes in the various restaurants. In the UK you would normally have to order rabbit, or buy it frozen, imported from some far flung Asian country, it certainly was not easily available, not in the London area anyway. Here in Gozo I can always get it from the butcher or see the rabbit man in his small holding nearby and he will kill it for me on the spot, you don't get fresher than that.

So rabbit is now a regular part of our diet and having tried and enjoyed the local recipes we have now started to experiment. How about rabbit in mustard (a French delicacy I think) or curried rabbit I can't wait to try this one on one of the locals, they don't seem to have found the passion for curry that we have in the UK. If you get the chance to try the local rabbit stew give it a go, I am sure you will like it, best washed down with a bottle of the local Medina Syrah from the Delicata winery. Cheers.

'Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.' John Steinbeck.

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www.ourexplorer.com said...

It's amazing how differently people eat in different places of the world. Rabbits are eaten in China, but not as "regular part of diet" in many areas. Worth trying when visiting Malta and Gozo, as you mentioned so many cooking dishes. Do as the locals while traveling. :)