Monday, March 30, 2009

Road Trip - Gozo to London.

We have already done the London to Gozo trip last year, well we will be doing the journey again (in reverse) with a slightly different route this time and will get to sample the fine food, drink, scenery and hospitality that France and Italy offer us, I am looking forward to the trip very much.
The journey will take us around a week (last time we took 3 weeks), car prepared and cup holders at the ready.
I will try to post updates of my journey whilst on route but as I found last time around outside of the big towns and cities WiFi is often difficult to come by, so don't hold your breath.

We start our journey from Munxar, Gozo, ferry to Malta, on to Valletta in Malta and then the Grimaldi ferry to Genova in Italy, this will save 1000 miles of driving compared to the Sicily route, although we will also miss some of the most scenic parts of Italy.

I am looking forward to Mont Blanc again, still snow covered at this time of year, coincidentally this is the exact same week that we made the trip last time around. We leave on Thursday and the forcast is looking good.

"Every nation ridicules other nations, and all are right." Arthur Schopenhauer.


Michael Carøe Andersen said...

Wow that sounds like a great trip you got planned. Good luck!

Steve H. said...

Thanks Michael ;)