Sunday, April 05, 2009

Malta to Genoa Italy to Calais France to UK.

We left Malta on Thursday as planned for the start of our trip back to the UK, the views from the ship as we left Valletta harbour were fantastic. We had a 39 hour sea crossing ahead of us to Genoa in Italy, a very pleasant crossing, the ship is great, the staff are great, the accommodation great but the food sold on board is very expensive, enough even to bring tears to eyes of Bill Gates.
We had a nice easy drive up through Italy to the border of Switzerland, where my wife blatantly lied to the Swiss border Police when questioned before entering Geneva. In her defence she misunderstood the question, I understood the question but sat there quietly, we drove on through Geneva with a wonderful view of the lakes, I of course had to point out to her the error of her ways an hour later, she was devastated.

On to France and first stop Burgundy in a small bed and breakfast owned by an Englishman and his Danish wife where we were made very welcome. We had a wonderful meal that evening in a local restaurant and also went supermarket shopping for local cheese and wine. Suitably stocked up it was on to Calais and Euro tunnel. We decided not to book on this occasion, we simply turned up payed and in ten minutes we were on the train and travelling under the English channel to the UK. I recommend booking as it is quite a bit more expensive to not pre book, you live and learn.

We arrived in the UK , we travelled up the M20 motorway and upon arriving at the junction of the M25 motorway encountered our first traffic jam in 800 miles of driving ..... Welcome to the UK.

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food." George Bernard Shaw.

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