Friday, December 18, 2009

UK Trip:

We spent 12 days in the UK, a quick return to catch up with family and friends and a few business contacts. It was not a particularly relaxing time as we never spent more than a couple of nights in any one location, but enjoyable trip non the less. As we left the snow had started falling in the London area. Seems we left just in time as today most of the airports in the southeast of England have been closed. We are now safe and sound in the relative warm of our little rock, Gozo.

VAT update:

I finally have a VAT number, the hold up was that I had to send a letter to the VAT department confirming that I was happy to receive all communication with them in English (this has taken 6 weeks), before I can start sending out invoices I need an official fiscal receipt book,this has to be issued to me by the VAT department. I visited the tax office and submitted my request for this important document, 'you will be contacted when it is ready for collection' I was told, by phone or email I asked, 'we will write to you' they told me. I wished them a happy Christmas and new year and left.

The Seasons Greetings to you all.

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