Monday, June 19, 2006

Gozo Gozo Gozo.

I am looking forward to getting away to my favourite destination for winding down and recharging my battery's, the wonderful medeteranian island of Gozo, after two weeks, prior to returning to the UK I won't just be layed back................I will be almost horizontal.
Less than one week to go, we were to be joined by two very good friends of ours, unfortunatly due to professional commitments they have had to cancel at the last minute but they will join us on our trip in September.

Why am I looking forward to getting away?
Gill my wife has been suffering from a lack of support from her managers at work, I am a victim of changes within my organisation, these changes are preventing me taking up two jobs that are available, and two jobs that I am well qualified to do, this restriction on my development is not good for me at all, talking about it here helps.
That's why!!!!!!

On a lighter note The Guardian newspaper published an article this weekend on the "40 Great Things to do this Summer"

22. Learn to swim properly in Gozo, September 16-23
Many of us think we can swim but get it all wrong - hurting our necks holding our heads up or using such an inefficient stroke we're out of breath after a length. The Shaw method, combines race techniques with the Alexander technique so that - in the words of one graduate, "I learnt to swim more like a seal, less like a chicken." There are courses in Britain, but this holiday in the Mediterranean island off Malta, is a more swim-friendly location. Full article here.

This is great promotion for Gozo it was in this weekends Sunday times and is by Simon Rogerson about the best places to learn to Scuba Dive in the world, listed of course is Gozo again under the heading "The Best in the Med", the article starts -
"A quieter, classier alternative to its neighbour Malta, Gozo has sumptuous royal-blue waters, and while the fish life can’t compete with the Red Sea, there is plenty to divert a beginner. This part of the Mediterranean is famed for its striking underwater topography, with giant boulders, rock arches and swim-throughs to test your skills". Full article here.

Roll on Saturday....................................................

"Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is a nobler art of leaving things undone.................The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of nonessentials".
Lin Yutang

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