Thursday, March 01, 2007

Public sector pay to be Capped at 1.9%

I have an interest in politics as you may know, and they say the the population has a short memory when it comes to politics, but sometimes you here a story that makes your blood boils! This is a short piece of the story just to give you the gist-

"Chancellor Gordon Brown announced today that public sector pay awards would be kept within the Government's inflation target of 3%

At Commons question time, Mr Brown told MPs he had accepted the public sector pay review body reports.

The pay awards would be implemented in two stages, and the armed forces in full, from April 1".

OK you might say what is so significant about this story after all the government has to control inflation, public sector pay is payed for by the tax payer, we need to keep taxes low for the voters, yes I understand this.

Public sector pay rises are decided by the government for it's employees, the government has full control over the pay that this group of workers gets.

I would now like to bring to your attention a similar story from the news papers in December last year this group of workers also works for the public sector, and their pay is also payed for by the tax payer, the only difference is that they vote for their own pay rise and decide for themselves how much they can have -

Anger at MPs' '66% pay rise call'

"MPs have been criticised after reports that they are calling for a 66% pay rise, taking salaries to £100,000 a year. MPs are reported to have written to the Senior Salaries Review Board saying the rise is needed to bring them into line with senior civil servants and GPs.GMB union chief Paul Kenny condemned the news at a time when low-paid public workers' pay rises are capped at 1.9%.In August Tony Blair said politicians' salaries should no longer be linked to senior civil servants' pay packets.The Sunday Times reported that Labour and Conservative MPs had written to the Senior Salaries Review Board calling for the increase to their £60,277 annual salary. Former Conservative MP Michael Portillo told the BBC MPs who could earn more than the £60,000 salary privately, would go out and do so. If you want MPs to live on their MPs' salary you are probably going to have to pay them more".

Below are the salary's of MP's before this pay claim, and does not include the significant expenses that they can collect.

MP - £60,277
Minister of state - £99,908
Opposition leader - £130, 312
Cabinet minister - £136, 677
Prime minister - £187, 611

Bloody hypocrite's...

"Is it any wonder that people are cynical about politicians"?
Paul Kenny
GMB general secretary

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