Friday, February 08, 2008

Road Trip - London to Gozo.

We have started to plan the upcoming road trip to Gozo might take two weeks maybe three, who cares we have no deadline to meet. Thursday 3rd April we plan to hit the road, from London around the M25 and on to the south coast to take the Eurotunnel train to Calais in France, then on to the champagne region to stop for the night before moving on to the Northern Rhone the following day.

After that little trek we are not quite sure, we will be motoring on through Italy but should we take the mountain roads over the Alps or use the 7 mile long Mont Blanc tunnel which would be the easier option but then you miss all the views and scenery. We should then be stopping in Piedmont, then across to Veneto and on down to Rimini. Our final Italian destination will be Sicily before heading for home......Gozo.

None of this is set in stone of course and it will provide us with the opportunity to try lots of the fine Italian wine & food on offer, and of course we will have to learn some of the French & Italian language, meaning in at the deep end, phrase book and bad pronunciation, us Brits after all are known for being criminally lazy when it comes to learning foreign languages. We have it easy in Malta and Gozo because every one speaks English, we know a few basic words in Maltese but not enough to hold a conversation, I guess that will come in time. Any suggestions of places to visit in Italy from you seasoned travellers out there will be gratefully received.

We will be looking to stay away from the larger towns and cities and lodging in properties that support agro tourism, I think we will get a better feel for Italy that way and with some 30,000 places to choose from and the wonders of satellite navigation they wont be hard to find, always the optimist. I will be taking my laptop with me so hopefully I will be able to give a blow by blow account of the journey, as long as I manage to find accommodation offering a Wi Fi connection.
Time is a fast approaching....c'mon.

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Sabine said...

Wow Steve, that does sound like a plan. A fabulous one! I shudder if I think back to our overland trip: Berlin - Reggio di Calabria in 2 1/2 days, then just another 13 hours to Valletta!

I hate to admit I don't know Italy at all, though there are a few places I'd love to see one day. One of those places is Calabria, by the way, where my blogger friend Michelle is at home nowadays (she's American originally). It does sound very tempting:

Steve Holmes said...

The two areas in southern Italy we intend to visit are indeed Puglia and Calabria.