Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Wit & Wisdom of Jeremy Clarkson.

For those of you that don't know Jeremy Clarkson is probably the leading commentator on cars and the car industry the UK.
He is arrogant, outspoken, opinionated, rude and is certainly not politically correct.

He is known for upsetting both the motor industry and the powers of Westminster with his ranting and I love him for all those reasons, he says it like it is and often says what most others are already thinking but worried about the backlash from actually saying what needs to be said....if you get my drift.

The Sunday Times this week published some of his quotes and I thought I would share them with you.......

  • On being a real man. "Cherie Blair says my attitude is macho and she’s right. It is. It might not be very attractive in this day and age. But that’s because I’m a man. I know this because I much prefer Uma Thurman, who’s all woman, to Kate Moss, who, from behind, could well be a boy".

  • On political correctness. "Who are the busybodies who say that we can’t smoke foxes or smack our children? The nitwits who say that we should have a new bank holiday to celebrate traffic wardens and social workers? Where do they meet? Who pays their wages?"
  • On road safety. "A third of all those injured and killed on the roads are young men, aged in a startlingly narrow band from 17 and 19. Drowning in testosterone, and filled with a youthful sense of immortality, being 17 is dangerous. It always has been. The fact is, you simply can’t make a 17-year-old see sense."

  • On Australia. "Australia is where you go when you’ve made a mess of everything. That’s why the 1.3m Brits who live there are known as whingeing Poms. Because they’re all failures."

  • On kids & education. "I would dearly love to launch into a tirade against stupid video games, and how their graphic violence is poisoning the minds of our precious children. But I love them. I spend hours chasing my kids around nuclear power stations, laughing hysterically when their arms and legs are blown off by imaginary hand grenades."

  • On football. "Football refs, so far as I can see, never ever make a correct decision. No really. They don’t notice when the ball goes over the goal line, they send players off for breathing and do nothing when Ronaldo hurls himself to the ground and claws at his face as though he’s been showered with acid".

"Wisdom is what's left after we've run out of personal opinions". Cullen Hightower.

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